A really long post in commemoration of the anniversary of The Strokes Concert.

It’s been 1 year… exactly one year since I saw The Strokes live.

I remember every single thing I did that day… October 14th 2011… I remember waking up with a big smile on my face, I remember putting my Strokes shirt on and listening to them while I was on my way to school. I had math exam that day and I couldn’t study because I was too excited to concentrate and I failied it lol.

I remember saying Hi to everyone and smiling all day, that was the only day I felt happy at school. I was dancing at my classroom before the first class began and everyone was wondering why I looked so happy that day and I answered “I’m seeing The Strokes today”. 

I remember the waiting for the concert… I literally told everyone who was next to me that it was the day I was seeing The Strokes live for the first time. Most of the people from my school didn’t know who The Strokes were, the ones who did told me I was lucky for going to see them because they had no tickets… my school friends didn’t know who they were but they were happy for me because they knew how important it was for me. 

When I came home all I could think about was how much I wanted it to be 9pm to see them. I was going to the concert with my best friend, we were so excited about it, we couldn’t stop talking about it and the day before we were literally dying because we were going to see them live. My friend came home at 6:30pm and so we went to the Auditorium where the gig was taking place, we were listening to The Strokes and taking pictures of our CDs. 

When we came to the Auditorium I literally screamed and couldn’t stop smiling. We were too excited I remember I couldn’t stop saying “I can’t believe the day finally arrived”. There were Strokes fans everywhere, people wearing Strokes shirt. There was even a really cute couple of parents with their little child and their little child was wearing a Strokes shirt, that’s the cutest family i’ve ever seen. We got into the place and I literally can not explain how I was feeling: it was just too beautiful, a really beautiful feeling: it was extreme happiness combined with nerve and impatience… it’s hard to explain. My friend and I bought a mini pizza to eat but we couldn’t finish it because we were too excited, that day I bought my Strokes hoodie and my Strokes pins and my friend bough a Strokes t-shirt. The minutes passed and it was 8:30pm so we got into the auditorium and sit there to wait. The funniest thing was that my friend wanted to go to the bathroom at like 9:10pm and I said joking “we are going to the bathroom and they are going out to the stage” haha and we went to the bathroom and yeah, it happened. New York City Cops suddenly started playing so we ran away like we never did before and were on our seats in like .30seconds… it was the funniest thing that could ever happen, I will never forget that. Everytime I listen to New York City Cops I remember it lol.

And it finally happened: they were in front of me. It felt just like a dream, they suddenly appeared like a dream. They were real, they were infront of me: Julian, Nick, Fab, Albert, Nikolai. I remember Julian’s sneakers: his phosphorescent sneakers. Nick had a broken foot and was sitting on a chair, rocking out that damn chair. Albert and his Fender Stratocaster Arctic White, Fab and his drums with The Strokes logo, Nikolai rocking out his bass… I remember a girl throwed a bra at him that night and he held it on his bass lol. Julian forgetting the lyrics to their own songs and telling us “you guys know the words better than I do!”.. Nikolai taking a picture of us and uploading it to his twitter like “Before… after!”. Everything about it was perfect: when they said the show was over and went away but then they came back playing Under Control, it was so emotive and when they played Hard To Expain, which is my favorite Strokes song, I almost fainted because theres nothing more beautiful than listening your favorite song live. And when they started playing Take It Or Leave It I knew it was the end of the show so I screamed, danced and enjoyed it with all my heart.

And they went away… I would like them to stay there forever. It was so perfect, my throat was hurting so much because I didn’t stop screaming. It was the best hour of my life, they played from like 9:20pm to like 10:30pm. 

Then my friend and I came home, we couldn’t believe it we were saying all the time “is this the real life or is it just fantasy” lol. We were speechless, we came home and started rebloging every post about the concert on tumblr, and we were searching for pictures of them and talking about them and about the concert, we fell asleep untill 2am. The whole week I couldn’t stop talking about the concert, I couldn’t stop telling everyone how amazing it was and how much I loved The Strokes, I also wore my Strokes hoodie for like a month lol. 

It was one of the bests, or probably the best, day of my life: I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since it. It was the best feeling: It seems like just yesterday, time flies. I had to do something special for it, so thank you for reading this, I really appreciate it. 

I love you The Strokes, thank you.

here’s some pictures and more from the concert:

Nikolai’s tweet:

the tickets:

and here’s a video. yes, taken by me.

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